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domenica 7 febbraio 2016

segnalibri - hardanger

A Hardanger Bookmark
©2007 Carol Pedersen Designs All Rights Reserved
Here’s an opportunity to use the remnants of other projects while
delighting a current or new reader.
Fabric: 28-count linen, 10” X 4”; finished size: 8 !” X 2”
Thread: Perle Cotton #8 (or equivalent) – 20 yards
Perle Cotton #12 (or equivalent) – 10 yards
The chart is color-coded:
#8 thread is used for the border and motifs shown in black.
#12 thread is used for the motifs and withdrawn thread
shown in blue/grey.
Each graph line represents two fabric threads.
Measure 1 !” from the top and 2” from the side to find the
starting point for the top of the first motif. Using #8 thread, stitch
a tulip down, then back up the other side, ending at the starting
point. This completes one petal of the four-petal flower. Count
fabric threads from one side to find the starting point of an
adjoining petal. Continue around until all four petals are
Stitch the motifs between the completed flower and the flower in
the middle. Continue stitching these motifs until the bottom
flower is complete.
Using #12 thread, stitch the eyelet in the center of each flower.
Cut the four threads of each end of the satin stitch ovals between
the tulip flowers. Withdraw the cut threads. Anchor #12 thread
into the cut end of the oval. Overlap each pair of horizontal fabric
threads to the other end, by backstitching under the second
thread and over the first thread, then returning the needle
between the second and third thread and pulling the perle cotton
taut. When you reach the other end, tie off in that end. Weave
each oval from the end of the bookmark toward the center.
Using #12 thread, stitch a small flower motif – stitch one leaf,
return the thread on the back to its beginning, stitch the other
leaf, return the thread on the back halfway to the beginning, and
then stitch the eyelet between the two leafs. Repeat for the
remaining seven little flower motifs.
Cut out the bookmark. If you used hand-dyed thread, soak the
bookmark in vinegar water to set the colors so they won’t bleed
into the fabric, then wash it in mild soapy water and rinse well.
Place the bookmark front side down on a plush towel and iron
with a dry iron until the bookmark is dry.
When you return a book you borrowed from a friend, include this
bookmark as a “thank you”. Then make another. !

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