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sabato 31 maggio 2014

Tutorial chiacchierino orecchini campanellino in bocciolo

campanellino in bocciolo questo è ciò che vi serve....


The pattern is on a base of 5 and there are 2 sensitive points: closing the small bell and placing the pearl before you start the chain. 

To close the bell, you make the usual folded join, but since it is so small, you must not rush when you close it, because it can easily get diformed. 

To place the pearl you must bring the second thread trough the upper part of the bell, place the pearl (in my case a pearl and a small Toho seed bead) and secure it with a paper clip, snug. 

Rough written pattern: 
You need: 1 shuttle (do not cut the thread from the ball), fine crochet hook, 2 pearls (3-4mm), 2 seed beads. 
Before you fill the shuttle with enough thread for the bell the chain and the trefoil, place 1 seed bead. It will have to stay on the balls thread. 

Hanging ring: 
Ring 12ds, close, turn.
Ring: 5 - 9 - 5, close, do not turn.
Ring: 5 + 9 - 5, close, do not turn.
Ring: 5 + 9 + (folded join) 5 close carefully to form the bell.
Make a small lock join to join the last ring to the previous one (like this you will avoid the small gap).
Now take the fine fine crochet hook, pass it through the the small hole and bring the second thread (from the ball)in the middle of the bell. Place the pearl and the seed bead and secure them with a paper clip. Pull the excess of thread, snug firmly. Why the second thread? Because like this the hanging ring can be nicely anchored and will be perpendicular to the bell.

Start chain: 20 ds.

Start the trefoil:
Ring: 10 + (to the secured pearl) 5 - 5, close
Ring: 5+10 - 5
Before you start the last ring, bring the seed bead in position and cut the thread, letting enough thread to hide the end while tatting the last ring. Hold firmly the seed bead at the base of the trefoil, make the loop and start the ring. Before you cut the extra thread after hiding if, pull to place the seed bead perfectly.
Ring: 5+ 15, close, cut and hide the ends.

Now you need to place the earring wires and the pearl. I used a needle and my plyers to prepare the hanging pearl.

The necklace is also almost done. I will publish it when I will have done also the pattern.

Not difficult at all.
If you decide to work with 2 colours, better.
Have fun with it. If you encounter difficulties for any part the this pattern, just let me know, I will make a small picture for this phase.
Sweet bitter experience: I had to rush a bit with this pattern, therefore there is no step by step tutorial this time. The very next day there were already parts of it copyed. But I have to give credit: I was asked for the permission to publish the pictures of the finished piece and Giovi gave all the credit for the idea. There are also honnest tatters out there.

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